Quantum metrology: Principle, applications, and challenges


报告题目Quantum metrology: Principle, applications, and challenges

报告人: 安钧鸿 教授 兰州大学

报告时间202479 星期二 下午200


邀请人:仝殿民 教授

报告摘要Quantum metrology pursues the realization of higher-precision measurements to physical quantities than the classically achievable limits by exploiting quantum features, such as quantum entanglement and squeezing, as resources. It has potential application in developing next-generation frequency standard, magnetometer, radar, and navigation. However, the ubiquitous decoherence in quantum world degrades the quantum resources and forces the precision not only to reduce to the shot-noise limit at an optimal encoding time but also to become divergent in the long-time condition. This is called the no-go theorem of noisy quantum metrology and dramatically hinders its application. Therefore, how to realize the promised performance of quantum metrology is a key issue in our present noisy intermediate-scale quantum era.   In this talk, I will first introduce the principle of quantum metrology. Then I will review the applications and challenges of quantum metrology. Finally, I will report our studies on overcoming the no-go theorem of noisy quantum metrology by Floquet engineering.